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The best adivice and destinations weddings tip we can offer is to ensure that your wedding date is available at the hotel

All Inclusive Weddings dates begin to disappear a year in advance, ASK YOUR PLANNER

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Advice and Destination Weddings

The goal of All Inclusive Weddings is to become your destination wedding magazine providing all the information necessary to create the Caribbean destination wedding you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’re looking for advice and destination weddings planning, the best locations for a Caribbean beach wedding or simply how to design the perfect destination wedding Save Date cards – you’ll find it here. By the way, when you book your hotel rooms with All Inclusive Weddings we create your save date cards for you.


Helpful Advice and Destination Weddings Do’s and Don’t’s

Find a good Caribbean wedding planner. People often think that they can go it alone, but invariably some complication pops up that they weren’t prepared for. A good Caribbean wedding planner won’t necessarily break the bank. In fact, when you book your rooms with you get a personal Caribbean wedding planner at NO charge.

Choose the right Caribbean beach wedding location and hotel to suit your needs and expectations. Your wedding planner can help you narrow down the list and keep in mind that where you and your guests are located will have a lot to do with choosing the right Caribbean beach wedding location.

Find out what incentives and upgrades are being offered to entice couples to have their weddings at this hotel.

One of the best things about a Caribbean destination wedding is the built in honeymoon and vacation for your guests. Make sure you choose a hotel that seems fun to hang out at after the wedding.

The most important thing to DO and many wedding planners overlook this until it is too late. Make sure the wedding date is available at the hotel. Many people think that they can just book their group at the hotel and then inform them that they’re getting married there. There are a limited number of judges to perform ceremonies and wedding dates start to disappear a year in advance – make sure you check!

Kids are a fine addition to a Caribbean beach wedding, just make sure you choose the right resort. Look for a resort with a great kids club and lots of activities.

Keep your wedding essentials in your carry-on luggage. Plan for the unexpected, lost wedding rings can turn the happiest day of your lives upside down.

Get a realistic count of how many people you think will come to your Caribbean beach wedding. We will use that number to shop around for the best group rate available, but the rate depends on the number of people – if your numbers drop the rate will change.

Give your guests the information for booking their trips through the travel agent you’ve found. Do not let them think that they can book through whoever they like as they will no longer be counted in the numbers used to calculate your group rate. Secondly, your travel agent / wedding planner will do a lot of planning for your group while they’re there and people that book elsewhere might not be accounted for. Thirdly, hotels and tour operators overbook all the time. Written in the fine print is always the possibility of being switched to another hotel. Your All Inclusive Weddings Planner will be able to prevent this from happening to your group, but not anyone who booked elsewhere.

Decide whether you want a civil or religious ceremony at the beginning of the planning process. If you’re looking for a religious ceremony just ask one of our planners. Keep in mind that not every hotel offers religious services so you need to make it a part of your hotel selection.

Advice and Destination Weddings Questions

Here is a list of common destination wedding questions and concerns that we will address on this site. We apologize if a topic is not up yet, but please do not hesitate to contact us as we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and give you advice and destination wedding planning help at absolutely no charge.

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All Inclusive Weddings is affiliated with All Inclusive Resorts and have been making peoples’ dreams come true for over 20 years. This is a new site, dedicated to our destination weddings couples. Building a site of this scope does require some time and we apologize if you didn’t find the advice and destination wedding info you’re looking for. Please drop us a line as we most likely have the answer to your question, but haven’t had the time to get it online yet. We guarantee that this site will soon become the only destination wedding magazine today’s couples look to.

I look forward to working with you,

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