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Victoria told us that her Destination Caribbean Wedding Planning goal was to have us remember all the great things - the beach, the smiles, the love and the laughter. We didn't have to worry about any of the details!

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Exotic Beach Wedding Locations

A destination wedding can take place anywhere in the world, but there are some locations that are much more popular than others, as each place is unique and ideal for a variety of reasons. The majority of destination weddings take place in warm, tropical climates often against a beach or seaside setting. Being away from everyday stressed life, on a secluded white sand beach, bathed by clear turquoise waters and enjoying the tropic with all your senses, your dreamed wedding will make a difference. However, there are lots of great destinations all around the world that could be a fun and relaxing getaway for you and your guests.


To find your destination wedding location you need to decide on the right destination and the right type of wedding you want. There are marvelous places for a wedding, a great variety of locations where everything from idyllic beaches and lively tourist resorts to the oldest of the world's great cities that are perfect settings for your dream wedding. There are also many concepts to a wedding, such as beach weddings, waterfall weddings, garden weddings, or even weddings just next to a volcano.


Apart from the setting, if you are planning a non-religious civil ceremony or a religious one is another important aspect to take into account to find your destination wedding location. The country you will choose could no doubt make the difference, as not every destination offers the same religious services. So, you need to make your destination and your All-Inclusive Resort or hotel a part of your selection. Our enthusiastic and experienced staff can help you find this ideal place. You will not take risks if you choose All-Inclusive and choose among the excellent options available, just contact our planner to guarantee the best results and fulfil your expectations.

If you want your destination wedding on the beach or in an upscale All-Inclusive Resort, you should look for a Caribbean destination. The wide variety of sceneries is one of the Caribbean’s major attractions.

In countries such as the Dominican Republic, one of its major attractions is the Colonial City, where you can mix the magic spell of the city with the beauty of the nearby beaches as well as well-appointed All-Inclusive Resorts. Here you can also find one of the leading resorts in the world, Casa de Campo Resort, a splendid Caribbean spot where luxury, beauty and exclusiveness are combined to offer an exceptional leisure experience.


Cuba is another important Caribbean destination wedding site world known for its beaches considered as some of the most beautiful in the world, as Varadero Beach or Marea del Portillo Beach. There are fabulous keys dedicated to tourism with unique beaches for the varied tones of their calm, clear waters, the beauty of their sea beds, the coral reefs populated by colourful fish, the natural state of the cays as well as excellent hotels and marvellous All-Inclusive Resorts you can find there. You can also find an ideal destination wedding location in one of its old colonial cities, such as Old Havana or Trinidad. Cuba has excellent conditions for making your stay a magical adventure, ideal for your destination wedding.

You can also find a destination wedding location in Mexico, a vast country with enough variety to please all. The Mayan Riviera has miles of secluded virgin beaches with clear turquoise waters bordered by one of the largest coral reefs in the world on one side and a tropical jungle on the other and is one of those idyllic places for your special event.

If you want to find a destination wedding location in an exotic place, Hawaii is a marvelous tropical oasis. All of the main islands offer unique opportunities. So, no matter what you are looking for, party life, jungle, volcanoes, waterfalls or surfing, you will be able to find it there, as it is a great wedding destination.


To find a destination wedding location with magnificent architecture and romantic churches in one of the oldest of the world's great cities, Italy is an ideal place. If you want to get married in a fabulous romantic city, Paris is also a great option.

If you have thought of finding a unique destination wedding location, tell our planners at what your idea is and they, together with the wedding coordinators, will help you customize your wedding and make this special event a perfect one, just the way you have dreamed it.

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