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Beautiful Destination Wedding Getaways

There are lots of beautiful destinations for wedding getaways where the couple can not only say "I do", but enjoy their wedding and honeymoon while guests make the trip into a marvelous vacation. While a destination wedding can take place anywhere in the world, there are some locations that are much more popular than others. For USA and Canadian citizens, common wedding destinations such as the Caribbean and Hawaii remain popular, while Europeans prefer Italy or Greece. Each place is unique and ideal for a variety of reasons. Choose the right place for your Beautiful Destination Wedding Getaways and enjoy it!


Mexico, a vast country with enough variety to please all, is one of those idyllic places for a Beautiful Destination Wedding Getaway. The Mayan Riviera that has miles of secluded virgin beaches with clear turquoise waters bordered by one of the largest coral reefs in the world on one side and a tropical jungle on the other; Playa Mujeres Island, ideal for a Beautiful Destination Wedding Getaway, where you can find Excellence Playa Mujeres, a luxurious All Inclusive Resort that has everything you might need, stunning settings, privacy, exclusiveness, a two-mile stretch of an amazing virgin white sandy beach with all the excitement of Cancun nightlife at hand; Cancun, with its world famous All-Inclusive Resorts, now one of the couples’ favourite Caribbean wedding sites. All of them are marvellous places to choose from, where couples and honeymooners will enjoy a memorable getaway.

Antigua, a water world with stunning beaches, ideal reefs for snorkelling or diving and perfect anchorages for sailors is among the choices for a Beautiful Destination Wedding Getaway. The atmosphere at its All-Inclusive Resorts is decidedly romantic and sophisticated, as the elegant Sandals Antigua Resort & Spa with stunning views of the island's best and most famous beach; this romantic getaway offers the charm of a picturesque Caribbean village accompanied by the refined luxuries of a world-class all-inclusive to spend a great wedding and honeymoon.

The Dominican Republic is a country of surprising and extraordinary contrasts which make the place one of your choices for a Beautiful Destination Wedding Getaway. This romantic paradise offers a great variety of locations, where everything from idyllic beaches and waterfalls, to colonial buildings and lively tourist resorts, are perfect settings for your dream wedding. Its luxurious All-Inclusive Resorts, set on spectacular Caribbean scenery, create a romantic atmosphere ideal to make your wedding dreams come true. Dominican Republic Weddings have become one of the couples’ favourite options in the Caribbean. Most world-famous All-Inclusive Resorts in the Dominican Republic offer couples and honeymooners an excellent service and great facilities to make sure they have an unforgettable getaway.


Hawaii is an exotic place, a tropical oasis amazing for a Beautiful Destination Wedding Getaway. It has spectacular coastlines, volcanoes, green forests, waterfalls, white sand beaches ideal for surfing, fabulous All-Inclusive Resorts with lots of incredible entertainment options and the idyllic atmosphere that characterizes the native Hawaiian culture. This is the enchantment that brings couples to Hawaii for one of the most Beautiful Destination Wedding Getaways.

Italy, known for its fabulous architecture and romantic churches is also a city of love where lots of weddings take place. Rome is one of the oldest of the world's great cities and a favourite of visitors, who come to see its great monuments and works of art as well as to enjoy the city's famed dolce vita, or "sweet life." Other major cities include the fashion centre of Milan; the sprawling southern metropolis of Naples; and Venice, one of the world's oldest tourist destinations. In Italy, a popular spot for wedding ceremonies, you will enjoy from the gondola rides down the canals to the romantic atmosphere of its All-Inclusive Resorts perfect for a Beautiful Destination Wedding Getaway.

In Greece, with its large number of ancient monuments and important archaeological sites, you can go to Santorini, where you can marry outside on the edge of a volcano; you can also choose the tiny island of St Stefanos, where you will enjoy the exclusivity of this island and have your wedding ceremony outside a picturesque Greek chapel, a toast with a glass of champagne with your guests, and enjoy the views of Kefalos Bay before sailing on to a private beach for your beach barbecue wedding reception. Anyway, any place in Greece is a perfect option for a Beautiful Destination Wedding Getaway.

The choices are endless, but you can find the perfect place for your Beautiful Destination Wedding Getaway.

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