Samana Weddings

Weddings in Samana are the best kept secret in the world of Caribbean Weddings,

This secluded paradise is now easily reached from anywhere in the world.


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Samana Weddings Resorts

Platinum Wedding Resorts in Samana

1. Gran Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado
2. Gran Bahia Principe Cayacoa

Diamond Wedding Resorts in Samana:

1. Gran Bahia Principe Samana (Royal Golden)

2. Gran Bahia Principe El Portillo

3. Cacao Beach Resort Weddings

Having a destination wedding in Samana is the best kept secret in the Caribbean, mostly because it used to be difficult for North Americans to get there. Not any longer! The new highway from Santo Domingo is now open, making the transfer less than two hours. With numerous daily flights from the US into Santo Domingo we can easily get your wedding party to the once forbidden resorts for your wedding in Samana.

We can arrange to have you picked up at the airport and chaufeured to the resort. If the whole group arrives together we can arrange for a luxury bus and a tour guide to be waiting for you at the airport. Samana is still a fair distance from the airport, but is definitely worth the trip.

The backdrops to Samana weddings are breath-taking; there really is no other destination wedding location like it in the Caribbean. Most of the hotels in the area are situated on bluffs above the beach and the altitude provides for amazing photo ops. One of our Samana hotels even has a glass elevator to bring guests down to the beach and a restaurant for the wedding reception that is perched on the cliff overlooking the ocean – a truly magical location.

Samana is renowned as an ecotourism destination. Your guests will certainly not get bored at your wedding in Samana. Excursions include: whale watching, fishing, mountain climbing, jungle treks, bouldering, biking and boat cruises. There is even a national park in the area. For a full review of the wonders of the Samana area see our Samana excursions page on All Inclusive Resorts.

Getting Married in Samana

1. If you and your guests book with All Inclusive Weddings we will take care of all your Samana Wedding planning at NO additional cost.

2. We will serve as your travel agents, wedding planners and liaison to the coordinators at the hotel to make sure your big day goes as planned.

3. Most travel agents simply aren’t equipped to plan destination weddings. They don’t know the legal requirements, they don’t know the coordinators at the hotels. All they’re concerned about is booking the trip and their clients often arrive at the hotel to find out there is no wedding planned for them. Our primary concern is wedding planning and making sure we exceed your expectations!

4. In a nutshell, we’ll do everything we need to in order to make sure your dream of the perfect Samana wedding is fulfilled.

5. Working with Victoria is a win-win situation. You get your dream wedding at the lowest possible price and your Samana wedding planning for FREE.

Samana Wedding Resorts

Every hotel in Samana claims to be a Samana weddings resorts, but the reality is that not many of the hotels do a very good job. Destination weddings are very new in this part of the Dominican Republic and the Bahia Principe chain of hotels have brought in coordinators from their other hotels and have solidified their reputation as the premiere chain of hotels when it comes to destination weddings.

You definitely don’t want to be a hotel’s dress rehearsal for their foray into destination weddings. We feel confident sending our clients off to Bahia Principe hotels because we know that they will carry out our planning and make your dreams of the perfect wedding in paradise a reality.

Bahia Principe has 4 hotels in the area: Cayo Levantado, Cayacoa, Samana (Royal Golden) and El Portillo. While all of them do a wonderful job of weddings we particularly love the locations of Cayo Levantado and Cayacoa and plan most of our Samana weddings at these hotels.

Free Samana Wedddings

No matter what you see publicized on tour operators’ websites, there are NO free Samana weddings. On average, wedding packages start at around $1700 and include the ceremony, reception and legal fees. Samana wedding packages are usually for a set number of guests and there are usually supplements for additional guests.

All Inclusive Weddings negotiates packages with the hotel for our clients, guaranteeing you the best price. Keep in mind that all wedding packages are paid directly to the hotel during your stay.

Documents Required for a Wedding in Samana

They make it relatively painless to get married in Samana. There are a few documents to fill out, get translated into Spanish and legalized. We’ll provide you with the documents that you need to fill out and tell you the closest location to you to get them translated.

Once all the documents are filled out we ask our clients to fax them to us and we’ll check them over before forwarding them to the hotel.

Remember to bring all original documents and the translations with you to the hotel.

There is currently NO blood test required to get married in Samana.

If either of you have been married before please let us know as there are some additional documents to fill out.

Residency requirement: There is no longer a residency requirement to get married in the Dominican Republic. Until 2007 there was a 3 day requirement that has since been lifted. Many hotels have not figured this out yet and still list it on their websites.

Samana Weddings Warnings

Warning #1: have All Inclusive Weddings reserve your wedding date for you. We’ll make sure that the date is reserved and secured
Warning # 2: Samana wedding dates tend to disappear very quickly, often over a year in advance. As soon as you’ve decided on a hotel, let us know and we’ll secure your wedding date.
Warning #3: Most hotels do insist that you be at the hotel for one full day before the wedding so that you can meet with the events coordinator and go through a rehearsal.

Ask us to Price your Samana Weddings today and we’ll start the process of making your dream wedding in paradise a reality.


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