Puerto Plata Weddings

Puerto Plata weddings are becoming more and more popular as the best location to stretch your destination wedding budget.When looking at Puerto Plata we highly suggest taking a look at

Sosua Bay Resort.


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Puerto Plata Weddings

Diamond Wedding Resorts in Puerto Plata: Sosua Bay Resort

Wedding Resorts in Puerto Plata:

1. Gran Bahia Principe San Juan Weddings

2. Victoria Golf and Beach Resort Weddings

3. Gran Ventana Beach Resort Weddings

Puerto Plata weddings have recently become the favored destination of many destination brides. The main reason is that weddings in Puerto Plata are the best way to stretch your destination wedding budget. You will get a lot more for your money in Puerto Plata than in other Dominican destinations..

Many of the hotels are well set up and have coordinators that we work with to help create the perfect Caribbean wedding experience. Consistently sunny weather, beautiful Caribbean waters and an all inclusive hotel industry geared to satisfying the modern tourist.

Hotels tend to run about 40% cheaper than their equivalent counterparts in Punta Cana and the cheaper we can make the packages for your guests, the more of your family and friends will be able to attend.

Puerto Plata Hot Spot

We strongly recommend Sosua Bay Resort as your Puerto Plata weddings resort. The hotel is under new management that have given it a massive facelift and they are currently doing a wonderful job of destination weddings. Looking for an affordable and beautiful wedding location in the most charming of resorts; take a look at Sosua Bay Resort and ask us why we suggest it and about other Diamond Wedding Resorts that we offer.

Getting Married in Puerto Plata

1. If you book your rooms with we will take care of your Puerto Plata Caribbean wedding planning for NO CHARGE.

2. We will serve as your liaison to the hotel, your personal wedding coordinators and 411 information center for your guests.

3. We also plan activities and excursions for our couples and their guests while they're at their Puerto Plata weddings.

4. Basically, our number one goal is your happiness and we'll keep working to make sure that your wedding goes off without a hitch.

5. Working with Victoria for your Beach Wedding in paradise is a win-win situation. You can't beat getting the lowest prices and your Caribbean wedding planning for free.

Free Puerto Plata Wedddings

Despite what some devious marketers may advertise, there are NO free Puerto Plata weddings. There is always a catch, either tying you into expensive upgrades that work out to the same thing as purchasing a wedding package. At least when you purchase the wedding package you're free to select the upgrades you want to add some flare to your wedding in Puerto Plata.

On average, wedding packages for most Puerto Plata wedding resorts are about $1500 including the ceremony, legal fees, the reception and some photography. Keep in mind that buying a wedding package is a lot like buying a car - they'll let you add as much as you want to it and you have to know when to stop.

Puerto Plata Weddings Resorts Incentives

Most Puerto Plata wedding resorts do offer incentives for holding your event at their hotel and we always pass these incentives on to you. Whether it be upgrading the bride and groom or free rooms for large groups we'll negotiate the best deal that we can for you.

When you book your wedding with us we’ll steer you through all the incentive programs and see which works best for you and your group.

Documents required for your Puerto Plata beach wedding.

They have made it very easy for tourists to get married in Puerto Plata and the marriage is legal all over the world. Here's the short list of what you'll need (we'll walk you through it in detail while we're planning your wedding).

1. Birth certificate

2. passport

3. Statutory Declaration of single status (we'll provide this for you)

Each of the above needs to be translated and legalized at your local Dominican consulate. While we send copies of all your documents to the hotel you will still need to bring the originals with you for the judge to see.

Blood tests are not currently required to get married in the Dominican Republic.

There is no longer a minimum amount of time that you need to be in the country prior to getting married in Puerto Plata.

Warning #1: Most Puerto Plata wedding resorts will insist that you be at their hotel for one full day prior to the wedding. They want to have the time to verify your original documents, run through a rehearsal with you to make sure that your day goes off without a hitch.

Warning #2: Puerto Plata wedding dates start to disappear a year in advance. The biggest mistake you can make is booking the hotel before reserving your wedding date. Check with our planners.

Ask us to Price your Puerto Plata Weddings today and we’ll start the process of making your dream wedding in paradise a reality.


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