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Men’s Wedding Attire

Wedding attire can be a complicated matter, and not just for the wedding party. The wedding day is one of the most significant days in anyone's life, and choosing the right wedding attire may be an interesting and difficult task. Your wedding attire must keep you trendy, comfortable and make you feel the man or the woman of the day, too.

Our wedding planners at will be happy to help you and take care of every detail, so you will not have to worry much, just relax and enjoy your wedding.


If you've been invited to a wedding, you may be feeling a bit intimidated about making the right fashion choice. Most men do not like to think about clothes, if they can avoid it. But, occasionally, they find themselves controlled by events such as a wedding. In such cases, men’s wedding attire is really an important aspect as men want to look their best.

The best clue you are going to receive about a wedding dress code should be the invitation. Invitations should include as much information as possible about the time, date and location of the wedding ceremony and the reception, as the guests need to be well informed in advance about where the wedding is going to take place, warnings of warm temperatures or humid climate, what season the wedding will be, if it will be formal or informal, etc.

If no dress code is indicated, men’s wedding attire is determined to a large degree by the time of day and the formality of the event. If the wedding is being held outdoors, in an all-inclusive resort at the beach, the dress code is different compared with a formal and traditional evening wedding taking place in a cathedral.

In case the wedding will take place in the morning or in the afternoon, depending on the season, men’s wedding attire is likely to be lighter coloured and a bit more casual that you might wear for an evening wedding. If you are the groom, you should look less casual than the guests; it means that you can wear a casual long-sleeve shirt with a tie and a casual jacket. Linen and cotton shirts are best men’s wedding attire, mostly for a beach wedding. Wear cool colours such as light blues, white, light green and beige; they will work great. Consider wearing light-coloured formal pants and casual leather shoes. You can wear a tie to distinguish you apart from the groomsmen. Do not forget to follow a common theme with your bride. Your outfit should complement with the bride's wedding attire.

Men’s wedding attire for an evening wedding requires suits. Select darker, more sophisticated colours and fabrics than you would choose for a morning or afternoon wedding.


There are a few phrases commonly used to indicate the formality, or informality of dress.

If the wedding is being held outdoors, in an all-inclusive resort at the beach, in a park, etc. men’s wedding attire should be casual. Most men consider that cotton beach pants as well as linen fabrics are among the best options as they are not only extremely lightweight but they are also comfortable in the warmer weather and allow men to focus on the day ahead, rather than being uncomfortable or hot. Linen trousers complement beach wedding linen shirts or Guayaberas and will complete your beach wedding look, mostly if you are thinking on a more comfortable way to go a bit more casual for a beach wedding in an all-inclusive resort. You can also dress it up for the evening with a nice sport jacket, if necessary.

When speaking of “Black Tie Optional”, men’s wedding attire allows those who wish to dress in black tie to do so, but provides certain flexibility for those who wish to dress a little less formally. Men should dress as formally as they can and have the possibility to wear a dark suit instead of a tuxedo, but a black, dark navy, or dark grey suit would be the best choice.

“Black Tie” is the most formal men’s wedding attire. Men should plan to wear a tuxedo in this case. If you are in doubt, ask a few friends who are also attending the wedding what they are planning to wear. When in doubt, it is advisable to over dress a little, with the exception of wearing a tuxedo, rather than show up dressed too casually.

Planning a wedding could take time and it is always very stressful. It demands a lot of expertise, so if you want everything to work perfectly, is eager to help you find the perfect men’s wedding attire; our planners will take care of every detail. Our experience allows us to customize your wedding and guarantee the best results.

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