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Destination Wedding Ceremony Site

Destination weddings are ideal for people who want something more than a traditional wedding.  The first thing couples wonder about is the best site for their weddings because there are many places to choose from, and each one is unique and ideal for couples looking for a spectacular  ceremony site. There are lots of marvellous destinations and a great variety of locations where everything can be perfect as a destination wedding ceremony site. The beauty of amazing white-sand beaches and classy All-Inclusive Resorts in unique sites with incredible views, or world’s old cities with magnificent architecture and romantic environments constitute unsurpassed and splendid settings for a splendid destination wedding ceremony.


While a destination wedding can take place anywhere in the world, there are destination wedding ceremony sites that are far more popular than others for a variety of reasons, whether you desire a simple, intimate ceremony or an extravagant wedding day with hundreds of guests. If you are not sure about which destination would be the best choice for you, would be happy to help you. Our enthusiastic and experienced staff can help you find this ideal place.  Contact us and we will guarantee you make the right decision.

 Choosing your destination wedding ceremony site depends on different aspects that you have to take into consideration. Apart from the setting, one of the most important aspects to consider when looking for a destination wedding ceremony site is the country you will choose, as wedding ceremonies abroad can vary completely in style.
Weddings abroad are usually non-religious civil ceremonies, which are easier to arrange than the religious ones. However, religious weddings are usually possible in many destinations in the Caribbean as well as for many faiths including most Christian denominations, such as Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist and Baptist, along with Muslim, Judaism, Buddhism and others. However, not every destination offers the same religious services.


Destination wedding ceremony sites can also take place in different locations. In some destinations you can only get married in the town hall, chapel or church, while in others you will be allowed to get married quite literally anywhere you want. Beaches, for example, have become one of the most popular spots for couples as ceremony sites. Waterfalls also serve as wonderful backdrops for your ceremony and photos, as well as botanical gardens, which are unique and provide a great setting for a great wedding with their fascinating fauna and flora. You can even get married at the edge of a volcano; it all depends on choosing the ideal destination wedding ceremony site. No couple is the same and the wedding options abroad are varied enough for you to find a unique ceremony site.

Among those unique ceremony sites, Mexico is an attractive location with enough variety to please all. The Mayan Riviera has miles of secluded virgin beaches with clear turquoise waters bordered by one of the largest coral reefs in the world on one side and a tropical jungle on the other. The abundance of caverns, caves, underground rivers, lush tropical vegetation, a rich fauna and many archaeological sites connected to Mayan civilization make this destination wedding ceremony site unique. In Playa Mujeres Island you can find Excellence Playa Mujeres, a luxurious All Inclusive Resort that has everything you might need, stunning settings, privacy, exclusiveness,  a two-mile stretch of an amazing virgin white sandy beach with all the excitement of Cancun nightlife at hand.

Another major choice is the Dominican Republic. It offers wonderful options, from the most deluxe All-Inclusive Resorts to the most reasonably priced ones. This Caribbean site offers unique destination wedding ceremony sites that will give the couple many romantic memories of this special day and their guests a great place to enjoy what this island has to offer. The wide variety of sceneries is one of its major attractions, where everything from idyllic beaches and waterfalls, to tropical rainforest and the highest mountains in the Caribbean keep you interested.

There are also some other superb destination wedding ceremony sites, such as Anguilla with its white villas topped with Moorish domes and massive, shuttered windows and balconies overlooking the Caribbean, or St. Lucia, with a bit of France, a bit of Britain, and a nature-lovers paradise including a volcano, lush gardens of tropical foliage and stunning beaches.


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