Terms and Conditions of Bookings


The purchase of vacation packages or hotel packages constitutes a contractual agreement and implies your acceptance of the terms and conditions listed below. Make sure you read them carefully before purchasing your wedding package..

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All Inclusive Weddings Terms and Conditions

All Inclusive Weddings Terms and Conditions for Bookings


All Inclusive Weddings Terms and Conditions: We have our biggest retail tour operator provide vouchers for all of our resort bookings. As such, our bookings are subject to the same terms and conditions that they apply to all of their bookings - listed below.

For flight bookings, customers are subject to the terms and conditions of the airline that is offering the flight. Note: any reference to flight or "air-only" in the conditions below are for flights provided by tour operator only.


All Inclusive Resorts Terms and Conditions



The purchase of these "air only" segments or vacation package constitutes a contractual agreement and implies your acceptance of the terms and conditions listed below. Therefore, please make sure you have carefully read and understood these Terms and Conditions before making your reservations.


All Inclusive Resorts reserves the right to modify the schedule and/or to cancel a tour or service at any time prior to departure, for any reason whatsoever, even in the case of lack of participants. In the event of a cancellation, a substitute program will be offered by All Inclusive Resorts and in any case our liability will be limited to reimbursing the amount received for the said service. This reimbursement constitutes the final payment for any claim towards All Inclusive Resorts who will not be liable for any further claim demand, loss or damage of any nature or any kind whatsoever resulting from the modification or the cancellation of the travel service. The promoters also reserve the right, at their discretion, to accept or refuse a potential passenger (travel agency or individual). All Inclusive Resorts also reserves the right to refuse at any time a passenger deemed undesirable. Under such circumstances, only the land portion would be reimbursed (excluding transportation)t.

1.Cancellation fees (All Inclusive Resorts Terms and Conditions):

Unless otherwise indicated in these Terms and Conditions, the following charges will apply in the event of any cancellation:
* (46) days or more prior to departure date:
25% of total cost with a minimum of $250 per person;

* (45) to (22) days prior to departure date
cost per person, including taxes and service charges:
50% of the total cost per person, including taxes and service charges

* (21) days or less prior to departure date:
100% of the total cost per person, including taxes and service charges ;

* Minimum fee of 25$ per credit card will be charged for cancellation of the reservation from the customer's part or any payment changes for that credit card.

* No refunds will be made by All Inclusive Resorts for services either cancelled or unused subsequent to departure. Insurance premiums are non-refundable, in whole or in part, whether cancelled before or after the departure date.

* The day of departure is excluded when calculating cancellation or change fees. All cancellation fees must be calculated on the total amount of the products and services purchased.

2.Change fees (All Inclusive Resorts Terms and Conditions):

Any modification other than a change of name is subject to an administrative fee, depending on the change requested and if this modification is done more than 21 days before departure. Any modification requested less than 21 days before departure will be considered as a cancellation of the reserved services and is subject to a penalty equivalent to the total cost of reserved package.

3.Change in occupancy

In the event of cancellation by one or more customers sharing the same accommodation, the rate charged to the remaining customer(s) will be upgraded accordingly. Customers having cancelled are responsible for the cancellation or change penalties applicable.

4.Change of accommodation at destination

Administrative fees of 50 $ per person apply for any hotel change at destination, which fees are payable to the TMR representative on site. Customers will assume any penalty fees imposed by the hotel originally booked. Customers are also responsible for any surcharge applicable in booking a different hotel.

5.Change of accommodation at destination

All Inclusive Resorts shall not be liable for failure in the performance of any of its obligations, including without limitation, for any loss or damage resulting from any delay, cancellation, adverse weather conditions, loss of personal belongings, illness, bodily injury, accident, death, deterioration of Travel Services, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, disappointment or frustration, either mental or physical, due to:
* An Act of God or Force Majeure or third party wrongdoing;
* A war, revolution, insurrection, riot, blockage, terrorism or act of terrorism, or any other unlawful act against public order or authority;
* Fire, flood, explosion, earthquake, epidemics, quarantine, storm, lightning, hurricane, tropical storm, tornado or tropical storm;
* Accident to or failure of an aircraft or equipment used in connection therewith, loss of or hijacking of an aircraft, or any shortage of or inability to provide labor, fuel or facilities;
* Any strike, lock-out, labor dispute or other industrial disturbance whether involving All Inclusive Resorts’s employees, the employees of its service providers or others upon whom All Inclusive Resorts relies;
* Any government order, regulation, action or inaction or any failure to obtain the approval of a government authority having jurisdiction in the circumstances as may be required to the conduct of operations hereunder or any government or legal restraint upon such operation;
* Others upon whom All Inclusive Resorts relies for the performance of the whole or any part of any Travel Services hereunder;
* Any other causes beyond the reasonable control of All Inclusive Resorts and any other event not reasonably to be foreseen, anticipated or predicted, whether actual, threatened or reported, which may interfere with the operations of All Inclusive Resorts or of its service providers.

AIR TRANSPORT (All Inclusive Resorts Terms and Conditions):

Customers acknowledge and accept the following:


Flights offered by Tour operators are conducted in accordance with the conditions governing Advance Booking Charter (ABC) and Inclusive Tour Charter (ITC) flights, and are pursuant to regulations set out by the Canadian Transportation Agency. All such flights and rates are also subject to approval by the relevant government authorities. Because the regulations governing charter flights differ from those applying to regularly scheduled flights, consolidations and changes in the published schedule, type of aircraft, days of operation, air carrier providing the air transportation service and flight itineraries may be more frequent and can occur without prior notice .

2.Schedule check and reconfirmation

Flight schedules are subject to change without notice. All customers having purchased a flight with All Inclusive Resorts must check the flight schedule with the airline company and/or a All Inclusive Resorts representative during the 24-hour period immediately preceding either the departure or the return date. Customers must reconfirm their return flight in the 24 to 72 hours prior to the scheduled take-off time.

3.Airport check-in

Passengers are required to arrive at the airport check-in counter at least three (3) hours prior to departure. Failing to do so could result in their reservation being cancelled and their seats to be assigned to other customers, with no right of recourse.

4.Seat assignment

Unless already pre-assigned, aircraft seating is conducted by the staff at the airline check-in counter. Please contact the air carrier indicated on your ticket for seat selection options.


In general, passengers are entitled to a maximum of up to two (2) pieces of checked baggage, not exceeding a total of 20 kg per passenger. Transport Canada regulations require air carriers to limit carry-on luggage to one (1) piece per person, not exceeding the following dimensions and weight: 23 x 40 x 51 centimetres (9 x 16 x 20 inches), for a maximum of 10 kg. Furthermore, Transport Canada restricts certain articles and/or items on board the aircraft. All Inclusive Resorts cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience resulting from the air carrier’s or airport authorities’ refusal to accept certain articles and/or items on board the aircraft. Any excess baggage (if allowed) must be paid directly to the air carrier by the passenger as per the excess baggage rates of the carrier. Handling of baggage is entirely at the passenger’s risk. All Inclusive Resorts cannot be held responsible for the loss, theft or damage occurred to their baggage or their contents or for any delay in their delivery. In addition, the air carrier’s ticket includes some limitations to their responsibility regarding the handling of baggage. We strongly recommend that you purchase baggage insurance.

6.Flight delays

All Inclusive Resorts cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from any flight delay, whatsoever the reason. All Inclusive Resorts also declines any responsibility for any loss of profit or damage resulting for any cancellation, change of schedule or of itinerary or for any other reason. All Inclusive Resorts does not control the manner with which the air carrier takes you in charge under such circumstances. Some itineraries include a change of aircraft. All Inclusive Resorts has not control whatsoever upon the air carrier who can modify their schedule when affected by unexpected circumstances. All Inclusive Resorts cannot be held responsible for any damage or additional expense resulting from a missed connecting flight for any reason whatsoever. Under such circumstances, please contact the air carrier.

7.Flight only

The flights offered are for vacationers and not for business travel. People who make reservations on our chartered flight for a business trip must be aware that chartered flights have many restrictions regarding length of stay, date of reservation and changes permitted. All Inclusive Resorts is not responsible in case of any profit loss or any damage caused by the cancellation, change or schedule or itinerary of a chartered flight. Passengers opting for a flight only are required to provide our local representative or the air carrier with a telephone number where they can be reached while at destination in case any changes or cancellations arise.

8.Other applicable conditions

Air transportation is subject to all applicable government regulations and is governed by the Warsaw Convention and the Conditions of Contract appearing on the airline ticket. It is of the passenger’s responsibility to allow sufficient time between connecting flights when needed. The schedules of air carriers are not subject to any guaranty as they can be modified or affected by various circumstances. Passengers assume full responsibility related to the reservation of a connecting flight in the event of a change to the original schedule. All Inclusive Resorts is not liable for any damage or expense related to a missed connecting flight.

LODGING (All Inclusive Resorts Terms and Conditions):

1.Room allocation

Hoteliers are solely responsible for room allocation, in accordance with the category reserved by customers. Should customers choose to alter their room category upon arrival at destination (upon availability), they must make their own arrangements with the hotelier and assume all additional fees levied by them. Special requests concerning room amenities and location can be transmitted to the hotelier. These requests do not constitute on any account a confirmation.

2.Check-in and check-out conditions

Customers hereby recognize and accept that hoteliers, in accordance with international standards, request that occupants check in between noon and 3 pm and check out by noon on the scheduled day of departure or by noon on the day immediately preceding a late night departure. The hotel will advise the customer of the check-out time when he/she checks in at the hotel. Whenever meals and/or drinks are included in the package holiday, customers are eligible for meal and drink services from the time they check in to the time they check out.

3.Hotel oversale

In the event establishment described herein is unable to honour a reservation because of an overbooking situation, All Inclusive Resorts’s only responsibility is to relocate customers in another hotel of the same category or superior without compensation of any kind. All Inclusive Resorts cannot be held responsible for any trouble or inconvenience resulting from such an overbooking.


1.Incapacitated travelers

All Inclusive Resorts does not provide any particular assistance to travelers suffering from mental or physical disability. Most hotels are not equipped with facilities required for disabled persons therefore travel packages as offered on this website are not recommended for such travelers. All Inclusive Resorts reserves the right to refuse any traveler who may not be able to complete the trip or may present a danger to himself or to other travelers. For reasons stated above, any traveler presenting physical or mental disability which requires particular attention or treatment must advise All Inclusive Resorts in writing at the time of the reservation. All Inclusive Resorts must be provided with a declaration signed by the traveler’s physician to the effect that the traveler is able to undertake such a trip and that he/she is in a position to move around with assistance.


Most air carriers allow infants under 2 years of age to fly free of charge providing they are do not occupy a seat on the aircraft. Infant must be under 2 years of age during whole duration of stay. The reservation must be done at the same time as the adults’. There is no meal included for infants not occupying a seat. Children over 2 and under 12 years old can benefit from a child rate if accompanied by 2 paying adults. The number of children rates can be restricted by the airline or by the hotel. A proof of age can be requested at all times.


It is important to enquire with the air carrier and the visited country as to procedures regarding the transport of unaccompanied minors or minors accompanied by a single parent. A notarised letter signed by the other parent, authorising the accompanying parent to travel alone with the minor, might be required at time of boarding by some air carriers, depending on the country visited. All Inclusive Resorts cannot be held responsible for passengers who are denied boarding due to a non compliance of the air carrier’s requirements.

CLAIMS (All Inclusive Resorts Terms and Conditions):

1.At destination

All Inclusive Resorts is confident that we offer the best service to our customers. However improbable that a misunderstanding may occur, should something disrupt your vacation, we will do everything possible to quickly resolve the situation to your satisfaction. Any conflict must IMMEDIATELY be brought to the attention of our local representative and to the hotel management in order to be resolved on the spot. A dispute that is not reported to the above mentioned authorities during time of stay would only delay its resolution and would lessen its importance.

2.Upon your return

In the event that a situation cannot be solved at destination, any claim, comments or suggestions must be notified in writing to All Inclusive Resorts within 14 days following your return in order to allow for proper claim processing with the concerned parties.

3.Unused services

No refund will be issued for unused travel services or any portion thereof, nor is the price or value of unused services exchangeable for alternative arrangements. Any program or service discarded due to weather conditions or events beyond the control of the wholesaler will be not be reimbursed.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION (All Inclusive Resorts Terms and Conditions):

1.Required travel documents

A valid passport is required for most destinations. Customers are required to obtain, at their own expense, any document required by the competent government authorities of the visited country. Canadian citizens must hold a valid proof of citizenship (birth certificate or citizenship card or notarised letter of authorisation for children under 18 years of age traveling with only one of their parents) for destinations where a passport and/or visa are not required. Customers must enquire as to which travel documents are required to enter the visited country and must obtain these documents before departure. Travelers who fail to comply with these requirements may be denied boarding by the air carrier and will not be issued any refund.

2.Services at destination

Each destination is characterised by certain elements which could not be suitable for everyone: weather, food, customs, etc. Sun destinations are located in countries where, in general, the lifestyle, practices and norms may vary from those to which you are familiar. The same statement can be applied to standards in public services, amenities, lodging and restaurants services. Therefore, a certain level of adaptation may be required on your part. By the same token, it is possible that certain services such as electricity, running water and hot water supplies may be temporarily suspended due to the economical situation of the country. All Inclusive Resorts will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from the above mentioned possibilities. Travelers are required to gather all necessary information about the destination of their choice before proceeding with the reservation and therefore assume all responsibility related to their decision. The choice of excursions, sports and services to which customers participates while at destination are also of the responsibility of the customer, including any risks involved in the practice of these excursions, sports or services.

3.Health information

Customers must enquire as to which medical precautions (vaccines, etc.) should be taken before their departure.


We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance.

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